13.11.2018 19:47 Uhr

Hypo Southern Underwoodisaurus milii

12.11.2018 17:14 Uhr

Time has come to show the 5 pairs we are letting go in December. They are all sexed pairs and the best quality we can offer. Fed and raised on a supplemented cricket and dubia diet. Some are larger than others because they all hatched during this season, earlier or later. Colours range from yellow to orange and red. The mutation shows a wide variation and they always look different, even during a day. We tried to capture the colours as they are. The photos are not modified but taken with flash.

11.11.2018 20:40 Uhr

1,0 het albino poss het patternless - hellboy line

01.11.2018 19:29 Uhr

1,0 - 05/2018

31.10.2018 20:00 Uhr

I really love this high contrast pilb hatchling. #pilbpower #highcontrast #geneticallynormal #wildtype

25.10.2018 19:54 Uhr

'Mr Moustache' turned out to be female but the pattern doesn't fade away... luckily. :-) #crazypattern #pilbpower #pilbarensis #geneticallynormal #NFS

25.10.2018 19:51 Uhr

Young female Albino husbandi. Photo taken with flash. #Albino #Husbandi

31.08.2018 15:07 Uhr
23.08.2018 10:10 Uhr

Check this coloured up Albino husbandi out. #albino #husbandi #australianthicktailedgecko

18.08.2018 17:37 Uhr

A young female pilbarensis ready for next season. #holdback #pilbpower #wildtype

03.08.2018 13:22 Uhr
03.08.2018 13:21 Uhr

Just wow! We are so proud that even The Reptile Report has shared our project. Thanks guys.🤗🤗🤗❤️

28.07.2018 09:27 Uhr

One of the best albinos we ever produced. #tyrosinasepositive #albino #husbandi #australienthicktailedgecko

27.07.2018 10:28 Uhr

Reptile Hunter just shared our initial photo.🤗

26.07.2018 12:48 Uhr

Thank you for all of the requests! We don’t have anything for sale at the moment. But we will let go 5 pairs for the December Hamm Show. The available pairs will be posted here on November 11th.

26.07.2018 08:53 Uhr
25.07.2018 18:39 Uhr
23.07.2018 13:48 Uhr

Direct comparison photo:
On the left a 'Normal Husbandi',
in the middle 'Albino Husbandi' and
on the right a 'Southern Milii'.

The photo is a bit 'older' but shows the difference in all three perfectly.

23.07.2018 04:51 Uhr
22.07.2018 17:10 Uhr
22.07.2018 15:34 Uhr

Touchy comparison photo

22.07.2018 14:24 Uhr

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16.07.2018 21:42 Uhr

‚Eastern‘ and ‚Western’ Guardian of Species 🤪😜😜 #husbandi #blackisback #wildtype #locality #eastern #southern #hatchlings

03.07.2018 20:41 Uhr

Young female albino pilb #littledevil #pilbpower

24.06.2018 20:24 Uhr

Hatched today - Mr Moustache #coolpattern #geneticallynormal #cute #pilbpower