13.01.2019 23:23 Uhr

Patternless milii. Unfortunately this outward appearance turned out to be non-genetic. #southernmilii #patty #unique

08.01.2019 22:30 Uhr

Young albino het patty female pilb is growing up nicely. Love the pattern on her. #pilbpower

27.11.2018 17:48 Uhr

A very unique and rare gecko in the hobby - Geckoella nebulosa aka Cyrtodactylus nebulosus.

A small and reproductive gecko from India. Common name is Indian Clouded Gecko.

The one and only non-australian gecko in my herp room. :-)

31.10.2018 20:00 Uhr

I really love this high contrast pilb hatchling. #pilbpower #highcontrast #geneticallynormal #wildtype

25.10.2018 19:54 Uhr

'Mr Moustache' turned out to be female but the pattern doesn't fade away... luckily. :-) #crazypattern #pilbpower #pilbarensis #geneticallynormal #NFS

25.10.2018 19:51 Uhr

Young female Albino husbandi. Photo taken with flash. #Albino #Husbandi

31.08.2018 15:07 Uhr
23.08.2018 10:10 Uhr

Check out this coloured up Albino husbandi. #albino #husbandi #australianthicktailedgecko

18.08.2018 17:37 Uhr

A young female pilbarensis ready for next season. #holdback #pilbpower #wildtype

03.08.2018 13:22 Uhr
03.08.2018 13:21 Uhr

Just wow! We are so proud that even The Reptile Report has shared our project. Thanks guys.🤗🤗🤗❤️

28.07.2018 09:27 Uhr

One of the best albinos we ever produced. #tyrosinasepositive #albino #husbandi #australienthicktailedgecko

27.07.2018 10:28 Uhr

Reptile Hunter just shared our initial photo.🤗

26.07.2018 12:48 Uhr

Thank you for all of the requests! We don’t have anything for sale at the moment. But we will let go 5 pairs for the December Hamm Show. The available pairs will be posted here on November 11th.

23.07.2018 13:48 Uhr

Direct comparison photo:
On the left a 'Normal Husbandi',
in the middle 'Albino Husbandi' and
on the right a 'Southern Milii'.

The photo is a bit 'older' but shows the difference in all three perfectly.

23.07.2018 04:51 Uhr
22.07.2018 17:10 Uhr
22.07.2018 15:34 Uhr

Touchy comparison photo

22.07.2018 14:24 Uhr

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16.07.2018 21:42 Uhr

‚Eastern‘ and ‚Western’ Guardian of Species 🤪😜😜 #husbandi #blackisback #wildtype #locality #eastern #southern #hatchlings

03.07.2018 20:41 Uhr

Young female albino pilb #littledevil #pilbpower

24.06.2018 20:24 Uhr

Hatched today - Mr Moustache #coolpattern #geneticallynormal #cute #pilbpower

21.06.2018 20:49 Uhr

Nice back pattern on this pilb hatchling. #colouredup #pilbpower

15.04.2018 19:04 Uhr

High-end pairing - double het female x albino poss het patty male

12.04.2018 20:41 Uhr

Double het female pilb