26.04.2019 07:32 Uhr

Just a crappy phone pic but it makes me more than happy. Her second clutch this season and her first season at all.
#highwhite #nlp #pilbarensis #pilbpower

22.04.2019 18:20 Uhr

The first fertile clutch of the rare Red Albino Husbandi. ✅✅✅😍

10.04.2019 19:06 Uhr

High white pilbs in the making. Sorry for the crappy photo.🙈🙈🙈

27.03.2019 21:08 Uhr

Second pairing for the rare Red Albino Husbandi this season. Unfortunately the only matching red male for her is too young atm. But this male has already done a good job. :-)

12.03.2019 19:42 Uhr

Something I'm working on for quite a while - high white pilbs. :-)

21.02.2019 19:04 Uhr

One of my holdbacks from last season. I really love this one.

17.02.2019 15:59 Uhr

The season has started and the first matings have taken place. Fingers crossed for a good outcome. :-)

16.02.2019 19:55 Uhr

Underwoodisaurus husbandi were described by Wells & Wellington (1984) in the “Australian Journal of Herpetology”. Their description does not reflect the current standards of taxonomy, but comparing U. milii and U. husbandi makes it quite easy to see that they are different and our own observations in Australia show, that they inhibit different habitats. Until someone does a solid taxonomic review of the genus, we feel that they should be seen as two separate forms and support the differentiation of U. husbandi from U. milii. And we are not alone- many publications (including the well-known books of Dr. Danny Brown) also accept this species.

10.02.2019 22:25 Uhr

What a mind blowing success for Gavin Mellin in Australia. Granite Belt Thickies are super rare and I've never seen any hatching in captivity. Great story being told by the photos, thanks for documenting the timeline from the egg to the hatchling. So jealous of you mate. Keep it going, you are legend! :-)

13.01.2019 23:23 Uhr

Patternless milii. Unfortunately this outward appearance turned out to be non-genetic. #southernmilii #patty #unique

08.01.2019 22:30 Uhr

Young albino het patty female pilb is growing up nicely. Love the pattern on her. #pilbpower

27.11.2018 17:48 Uhr

A very unique and rare gecko in the hobby - Geckoella nebulosa aka Cyrtodactylus nebulosus.

A small and reproductive gecko from India. Common name is Indian Clouded Gecko.

The one and only non-australian gecko in my herp room. :-)

31.10.2018 20:00 Uhr

I really love this high contrast pilb hatchling. #pilbpower #highcontrast #geneticallynormal #wildtype

25.10.2018 19:54 Uhr

'Mr Moustache' turned out to be female but the pattern doesn't fade away... luckily. :-) #crazypattern #pilbpower #pilbarensis #geneticallynormal #NFS

25.10.2018 19:51 Uhr

Young female Albino husbandi. Photo taken with flash. #Albino #Husbandi

31.08.2018 15:07 Uhr
23.08.2018 10:10 Uhr

Check out this coloured up Albino husbandi. #albino #husbandi #australianthicktailedgecko

18.08.2018 17:37 Uhr

A young female pilbarensis ready for next season. #holdback #pilbpower #wildtype

03.08.2018 13:22 Uhr
03.08.2018 13:21 Uhr

Just wow! We are so proud that even The Reptile Report has shared our project. Thanks guys.🤗🤗🤗❤️

28.07.2018 09:27 Uhr

One of the best albinos we ever produced. #tyrosinasepositive #albino #husbandi #australienthicktailedgecko

27.07.2018 10:28 Uhr

Reptile Hunter just shared our initial photo.🤗

26.07.2018 12:48 Uhr

Thank you for all of the requests! We don’t have anything for sale at the moment. But we will let go 5 pairs for the December Hamm Show. The available pairs will be posted here on November 11th.

23.07.2018 13:48 Uhr

Direct comparison photo:
On the left a 'Normal Husbandi',
in the middle 'Albino Husbandi' and
on the right a 'Southern Milii'.

The photo is a bit 'older' but shows the difference in all three perfectly.

23.07.2018 04:51 Uhr